Monday, February 15, 2010

sibling love & sibling hate

my girls scrapbook

I am in a bit of a pickle you might say. I am at one of those crossroads of parenthood that we often find ourselves at, and I am left here wondering what to do?!!

Let me explain, you see lately my girls have been at each other non-stop. Picking, fighting, crying, screaming, knock out drag out - head to head combat. I understand that this is just part of being siblings, but it's beginning to make me go crazy... I mean seriously insane in the membrane!!!

What's a mom to do? Do you let them figure it out on their own? Or do you keep having that repeated talk over and over, and over again? You know the talk... well, you do if you have kids. It goes something like this; it is not nice to hit, we don't talk to anyone that way, do on to others as you would want done onto you. You know that talk... every mother has had it. More than she wants. Does it really work?

If they were kittens I'd smear tuna fish oil all over them and throw them in a box until they loved each other. But, I'm a thinking that would not work here in this situation. What do you think? But, if this problem doesn't get better soon, I'm not ruling this out entirely as a possibility!

My next perplexing question is this; how can the same two kids that have fought hard and mighty all day, still stop in the middle of our walk this afternoon just to give hugs and kisses? How does that work? How can they be so loving one moment, just to turn around and love on each other as if they were the best of friends? I don't have a sister, so maybe I just don't get it, but how does this happen? Not that I am complaining about these loving moments, I just want to know how to get MORE of them! Any ideas???


Myya said...

Oh boy do I too wish I had the answer!!! I do have sisters & this is always the way it was when I was younger too. We fought fought fought & then sometimes got along. My girls do the same. I wish they had more of those huggy kissy moments because seriously those are THE BEST!!! Hey - could you let me know if you figure out the trick to it all :)

semmelantiques said...

Well, I had a sister and have 3 girls and I am not sure I have the answer either....but here is my motto. Unless there is blood or massive screaming I don't get involved and if they come running to me I tell them to work it out, I am not the referee....for the most part it has worked very well with my girls and it is what my mother did with us girls...good luck my friend I know how this can really get on ones nerves, when they get older momma can take a walk without the kiddos to get away from the fighting, chin up girl mine are 19 and 17 and still at it and then hugging on each other.

Sandy said...

When I read your post this morning I thought, "Oh my gosh, my mom started a blog!" :) I have 1 older sister,and 1 younger sister-same song different verse! Hang on, it can be a bumpy ride!

Coco Loco said...

Sounds like our family. My girls do the same thing. When I get sick of it I send them both up to their room (upstairs & right next to each other). Eventually they come downstairs & Alexa has dressed Brielle up, they're just loving each other and getting along. I think they get to the point where they'd rather be together than alone, so they find a way to make it work.

Hang in there, and just keep telling yourself this. They may have their ups & downs now, but they'll always be best friends and you gave them that. You gave them an eternal best friend. They'll apprecaite that I think more than you may know.