Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Someone...

Dear Sweet Cranky Rosie,
Mommy is so tired of listening to you fuss. I know you are scared to death of pooping on the potty, but wailing about it all day and all night in fear that it might happen, just to decide to do it in your pants, is getting REALLY OLD. Really Old. So, please, trust me on this one, it's easy, it makes you feel better, it's not scary, and you will make me really happy if you would just do it!

With all the love I can muster at the moment without screaming myself,

Dear Miss Procrastination,
All of the to-do's on your list aren't going anywhere... Saying yes to more won't make the things you've already committed to do themselves. There will still be birthday parties to throw, design projects to complete, front windows to change, a house to clean, a gym to go exercise in, the list goes on and on. So get up, and do it already...

the voice in the back of your head

Dear Mr. Chiropractor,
I think you may have made me worse. Not sure, can't tell, but it didn't help. Why can't insurance just cover what would make me feel better, so I don't have to be in so much pain all of the time... So not fair, I know... I know, life's not fair... But, seriously Mr. Chiropractor, what kind of sense does it make to tell an almost thirty year old person that their x-rays and MRI's show degeneration of a 70 year old, and then crack the heck out of the area? (is that how you would treat a 70 year old lady?)

a darn good lookin` 70 year old

Dear Charming Dream House,
Could you please find a nice lady named Rosita to clean you? While you're at it could you find someone to do the yard work, finish the remodeling projects, and wash the windows too?

Thanks, that would be really great!
the lady without enough time to do it all

Dear Kat,
I know you are old... but if you barf or crap on my floors one more time, I'm shipping you off to Siberia.

Don't test me,
the lady that cleans up after you

Dear Honey,
I hope you will take this little hint to think of me just a little bit this coming up Sunday, as it is a cheesy holiday and all, but the lack of no thought may lead towards tears, and low self esteem. Do we really want that? It's the thought that counts... really. Just some thought. (and maybe a little attention)

Love you,
Emotionally Vulnerable and needing a break from life!

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shortmama said...

Oy I need to talk to the voices in my head too...

Thanks for linking up!

Myya said...

Awesome Mandy!!!! These are great! Doesn't it just feel better to say little snippets of the things going on in your head. TOTALLY makes me feel better anyways. Soooo glad to see you post :)

Shana said...

Loved it! I have been reading your blog for awhile and I love.

Your Street Photography said...

Dear little miss comedian,
You are so funny and clever. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Your blog stalker