Saturday, February 6, 2010


It has been exactly one week since Matt and I sat down to watch Food Inc. as you probably gathered from the last lengthy post, it did profound things to us. I understand that not all people will have the same reaction that we had to this. I also understand, as in all things, everyone has their own point of view on the subject. But, since seeing as this is MY blog, and the only person's views I can really speak to our MY own. I thought I would share some of the changes that have taken place, since last I posted....

We have gone a whole week almost completely organic, & local.
It feels Awesome!

After watching Food Inc. we started researching...

Researching places to buy local meats, cheeses, veggies and fruits, and also different places to buy organic, local, and whole foods. Also, looking into one of our biggest questions, what do you do when you need to eat out? Turns out there are several good options (restaurant's) locally that do local, organic, grass fed, sustainable... etc.

Yay that was good news! Especially since one of my most favorite places was on the "good list" - Burgerville!!! Woo Woo, a girl cannot live without Burgerville!

Anyway, here is a list of places that we have found that meet all or some of the criteria...

Burgerville (A Northwest fast food Chain, serving local, fresh, sustainable foods)

Costco (lots of great organic available at bulk prices)

The Grocery Outlet (again tons of great organic stuff at discount prices)

High Heels in the Barn (a blog that I think is just great!)

Life Source Natural foods (Salem, Oregon)

Who knew there were so many choices to choose from. Plus, there are tons of others I haven't even listed. These are just a few that have gotten my attention this week. I will let you know as others come along!

Making this commitment to our family feels great. I'm sure there may be times that it isn't always possible to follow it just right, but even the effort makes a big difference. Before our family was about 50% organic, local, and sustainable... mostly for a few reasons: expense, laziness, and denial that the food we were eating wasn't "that bad". We've never been unhealthy eaters. I wouldn't say. But, the commitment to not fill ourselves with chemicals, and man made and engineered foods, makes me feel like we are not only giving our kids a gift that will be long giving, but that we are honoring our bodies, and the land and animals that God has given us. I really feel like this is the way it's supposed to be. Yes, it takes a bit more effort, time, and yes even money. I can honestly say I really feel it's worth it. The funny thing is, I've found, is that when you fill your kitchen with good healthy foods, that's what you eat. When the cupboards are bare, and the fridge is lonely, that's when we got ourselves into trouble. So, making a bit more effort to plan ahead, as in most things, pays back big rewards!

Some of the things we're working on for the future are:

  • Planning our Garden (this is something we've done for years, but this year it will be more intentional) I will also be gardening 100% organically, which I am excited to learn more about.

  • Buying our meat locally from local butcher's... we are thinking about 1/4 of beef, 1/2 a pig, a few organic free range chickens, and are still looking into turkey (looks like it's a seasonal thing).

  • Canning (now that the basement is almost done, I can finally get a freezer, and area to store pantry goods... so come summer I will be canning all kinds of things!)

  • Learning more, more about label reading, more about what's good, what's not, what you should buy organically, and what doesn't really matter... basically educating ourselves, so we don't fall back into laziness, and ignorance!

  • The possibilities of our own chickens (yes, you can have them in the city,... and no I haven't gotten the OK, so we'll see)

  • Farmer's Market and Local Farms... looking forward to more things being in season. (Again, we have always gone to Farmer's Market as well as local farms, but we will be utilizing these resources more as we go forward!)
Well, for now... that's where we're at in this journey. Have you made any changes? Have you watched the film? What's your perspective... I'd love to start a conversation! Watch the film if you haven't... it's eye opening!

Have fun along the way, get the kiddo's involved. Mine have so enjoyed trying some new foods, visiting interesting markets, and even seeing some farm animals along the way! Make them part of the discussion, they might just surprise you!


Coco Loco said...

I love it! So inspirational. I am making a commitment to rent the movie this week (and watch it!). I look forward to continue to read your thoughts on this subject matter.

The simple life! said...

Mike and I did watch it a week or so ago. Yikes! I already knew some of this from a friend who is Organic! She does raise Chickens and Turkeys and beef! Soon she will be doing pigs I think as well! So let me know if you want to get in touch with her! She's taking orders now( or soon) for Thanksgiving Turkey's!