Friday, February 19, 2010

my day...

The constant noise of lawn mowers outside my windows hasn't quit all day long. The sounds have just come from different directions. That must mean there is sunshine outside. Haven't actually gotten to experience it for myself. You see my Bella is sick. Started at about midnight, and she continued to throw up all night until there was nothing left. Poor girl. It breaks a mama's heart not to be able to help. What a daddy she has though. He sat by her side all night, forgoing sleep himself, to comfort her, even though he had to be to work early this morning.

The house is insanely quiet as I type this. The only noise is that of the music playing from my ipod and the click of the keys of my computer. My two babies, sound asleep for quite a stretch of time now... it's strange. There are days I long for the sound of quiet. Not at this price though. Now I wish for the sounds of laughter and giggles, and pony noises as we walk (gallop) out in the beautiful sunshine. Oh, what a mean trick. A beautiful sunshiney 60 degree day in February, and we can't even enjoy it. Nervousness washes over me. Who will be next in our house??? I've already received an email that Bella's girlfriend got sent home sick, after she vomited at school. So much for my hope that it might just be food poisoning... no sir, no luck, I'm afraid it's the flu.

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Myya said...

Oh no bummer! Hope your girls feel better soon & SOOOO hope you don't catch it!