Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Someone,

Dearest Sunshine, Oh how I thank you for coming out the last few days, how did you know that my heart has been longing for you? You brighten up my days. Bring a spring to my step. Lighten my mood, and make the song in my heart sing!

Thank You, Thank You, Oh how I thank you,
Vitamin D. Deficient

Dear Kat, you might want to have someone read you my blog, because you apparently didn't get the memo to stop puking and crapping on my floors... the problem has increased. This is your last warning. I am having a custom box made as we speak to send you to Siberia in. Test me again and this is where we part our ways.

P.S. a bill will be sent to you for carpet cleaning

Sick of It

Dear Daughters, Your mama has been pretty sick of hearing you fight, so I thank you for getting along better the last few hours! Maybe all you needed was sunshine like your mama.

Lovingly, Grateful!

Dear Monkey Party,
Could you please plan yourself. The sun is out... While your party planning you might want to get the house clean. Oh, and one last little thing, you may want to call in a carpet cleaner, rumor has it one of the tenets of the house hold has a little problem.

The girl who just wants to play in the sunshine!

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MiMi said...

Ha! You must be from the Northwest being Vitamin D deficient! : )
Uh-oh...puking and crapping on the carpet is NEVER good. 'Specially if it's a cat or dog. Ew.

Mamarazzi said...

i am soooo loving the sun the last few days. even here in CA it has been ugly out for way too long. Today the pool boy said "its starting to get warm time for summer chemicals and weekly visits" i just about kissed him, who cares if his bill just doubled? bring on the SUN!!

shortmama said...

haha love the letter to the cat!!! Thanks for joining in