Monday, February 22, 2010

my weekend...

Saturday, we woke up with vigor and energy. Got up and got stuff DONE! It was a gorgeous day!!! Oh, my what a sunshine filled day does for an Oregonian in February. We got house work done, yard work done, a few errands done, party stuff accomplished (made 10 monkey puppets). Things were feeling pretty good. Bella was still weak, but feeling better. She told me, "it would be a waste not to enjoy such a pretty day, just cause I don't feel all better!" -funny how much sense kiddos can make sometimes, huh?

Got the girls to bed Saturday, after their pony movie. Ah, time to cuddle in bed and watch our own movie! Seemed like a good reward for all that we had accomplished. About a half hour into our movie. Screaming was heard from upstairs. As Matt got up to go see what was wrong, I said "Oh, please tell me this isn't round 2". We had just spent the whole day cleaning vomit out of every nook and cranny. I wasn't sure I was up for more.

Just about that time Matt came down with his arms out stretched, with a vomit covered baby girl. Oh no, mad number 2 down. Into the bath she went. Got her cleaned up, re-dressed in clean Pj's. and a nights worth of supplies ready. We made her a nest on the floor next to our bed. We were prepared for a long night... or were we? About 9 as I was holding Meritt on the bathroom floor with a bucket in my lap. Matt was hunkered over the porcelain god. By 11, I was joining them. 2 very sick parents, 1 very sick baby girl, 1 recovering kiddo sound asleep. At one point Matt and I looked at each other, and said what are we gonna do??? Every time we moved we threw up. Our girl needed us. We were in full blown flu mode. IT WAS UGLY. VERY UGLY.

Sunday was spent in bed. Bella was in charge, how scary is that? She took really good care of us. I'm afraid, we weren't doing quite as well. At 7:15 last night she said, what are you going to feed me for dinner? Oh, no, dinner, I totally forgot about dinner... I know, we're terrible.

Got the girls to bed, and then we slept ourselves. For a long time. Now it's 9:30 Monday morning. Matt's home from work (THAT NEVER HAPPENS), Bella's home from school, Meritt is crabby, and I'm still in bed... 9:30, and I can't wait for nap time! Please let this be over soon. We have a birthday party in 4 days.


Myya said...

OH NO!!! Hope this yuckiness ends for you soon. Healthy thoughts are being sent your way.

Shana said...

Oh no! I am thinking you 3 got it all at the same time so you would all be better for the big day. Take care!