Thursday, February 26, 2009


Officially at 9:53am she turned two,
so to celebrate... we had a great day full
of Meritt's favorite thing on earth,

Elmo, (Melmo) was one of her very first words...
even before Mama or Daddy.
Right from the get go we knew that "Melmo"
was the lover of her soul!!!

So when we asked what she wanted for her Birthday,
and she replied "Melmo," we weren't surprised!

So Matt and I made a special homemade Elmo cake...
(Man red frosting is tough!)

But, he turned out pretty cute,
and she was ecstatic when she saw her
I don't think there are adequate words
to sum up her ecstaticness for her
but, trust me when I say making this cake
with it's homemade red fur that took forever,
was SO worth it!

Her daddy and I couldn't believe how
grown up our little Birthday Princess
looked in her birthday tutu,
she looked like a little dolly.

And, I thought to remember this moment in time,
what better than to take a little photo shoot
with her love, Elmo!

Hugs & Kisses for the love of her life!

She let out shrills of joy when we told her it was time
to finally eat her "Melmo Kake!"
We sang Happy Birthday,
and then Elmo was fare game...

Then, it was time for some presents...
and to put the little birthday Melmo freak to bed!
We had a lot of fun today,
but I still can't believe she's already two!
Where does the time go?
Happy 2nd Birthday Rosebud!

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