Thursday, February 12, 2009

TROUBLE.... capital "T"!

This little sweet girl doesn't look mischievous does she?
Just in case you can't read the shirt it says...
"Here comes Trouble"
Enough Said!

In the 5 minutes it took me this
morning to brush my teeth
this is what my sweet little Meritt
did to my freshly picked up living room...
Wouldn't have been so bad,
had it NOT been her 195th
naughty act for the morning...
(mind you it was all of 9:30am)

While I was picking this up she climbed up
on the table and got into the Valentines candy...
So, what do you do?
Time Out of course...
Meritt in the corner two minutes... go.

You can tell she was absolutely
devastated by the punishment!

As she giggled and laughed at her mother with glee and delight!

(of course I may have been taken more seriously if I hadn't
thought it was adorable and started to photograph the moment!)

Two minute time out turned into
a full blown discussion...
of two year old garbles and hand gestures.
I know she had a lot to say to me about it,
I'm just still not sure exactly what it was?!

The corner and conversation started to bore her...
so looking for lost cheerios in the crack in the heater grate,
was much more interesting!

uuhhh oh, (in the words of Miss trouble)
I think I'm in big trouble here people!
She's not even two yet,
what's to come in this year?

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