Friday, May 27, 2011

busy, but beautiful...

Hello, this is just a little note to all of you out there still checking into this little old blog of mine. I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting much. I wish I was super clever, and had tons of free time so that I could be a blogger who wrote and shared photos everyday. But, the truth is... my life has been seriously busy lately. In a good way. In a life is really beautiful, but busy kind of way.

Some of the things that we've (I've) been up too...

I may have kind of said yes, when asked for the 954Th time if we would agree to put our house on the summer historical tour... which has now lead us into a frenzy of projects, and gardening, and list doing. But, I am convinced that this is going to be a great thing! (Once we get it all done, and we can stand back and enjoy the fruits of all of our hard work!)

Part of the project list is (was) to replace the irrigation system in our yard. We can't afford to higher it out, so that left it up to us (Matt) to do. Have any of you out there put in your own irrigation system??? Holy cow, it's A LOT of work... and it is MAJORLY messy. Can you say MUD??? Two dogs, two kids, an outdoor cat and MUD don't make for the best combination, just an FYI in case you were wondering! :)

I've also been doing tons of sewing on our rainy days... I'm making tons of cushions for the out door furniture. I've been thrifting all Winter/Spring for vintage fabrics, and tea towels to turn into pillows. So, now, I'm a busy bee sewing away!

On top of all the home projects I've also been working on lots of fun new things for the shop, like our first ever look book, a website, (do you know any great web site designers that don't charge an arm and a leg??????) an online shop, and at the same time we're still keeping up with the day in day out 'stuff' of running a shop. You know, selling, displaying, unpacking, pricing, buying, planning, the list goes on and on...

Today was Meritt's last day of school. Not quite sure how I feel about this. I have to admit it was glorious having 3 mornings a week kid free. I will miss the quiet, but I am looking forward to having my kiddos home for the summer! Bella still has 3 weeks to go, she doesn't think it's very fare that preschool gets out so early! (oh well, life's not fare!)

Last weekend, my mom and I tackled the yard. We got a lot done, especially when we hauled the guys into join our work team! We got a lot planted, and also got our four garden boxes tilled and new dirt put in... SO, this weekend, we are planting the garden! Yay... I am very excited. (I promise, I will post photos soon!)

I've got a LONG list of to-do's and want-to's on this weekend's itinerary, so I hope we got a lot done, and have fun along the way! Life is busy, but it sure is beautiful!!!

I hope whatever you are doing this weekend, you enjoy it, and savor every drop!

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Myya said...

How awesome you are on the Historical tour!! I can;t wait to see pics of everyting, your house is already gorgeous I can;t even imagine what it will look like with even more done.