Wednesday, June 8, 2011

mama, I wish I had a time machine...

the other day Bella and I were talking, and she said out of the blue 'mama, I wish I had a time machine...' - I said 'oh, yeah, why?' and she replied simply, 'because I would turn my Buddy back into this...'

our little buddy

'He was so cute, and little mama, don't you remember?'- 'I loved when he was a baby...'

...I'll I could say in response, was, 'sometimes I wish I had a time machine too!'


...and then I said 'time goes by too fast sometimes, that's why we have to enjoy every minute of life while it's happening, because it will never happen again quite the same!'


Myya said...

Oh Goodness isn't that the truth! Us mamas could definitely use a time machine now & then.

Jordan said...

Aww how sweet are those pictures and the sentiment behind them.?! love it.

Dad said...

There are certainly a lot of sweet moments when all our babys were little, and so many happy, funny memories.But as I grow old, and reflect watching all my babys grow up. I realize the precious times are right now, say what you feel, kiss, and hug alot. Love each other like there is no tomorrow. You cant get yesterday back, make right now as beautiful as you can.