Wednesday, May 11, 2011

making such progress...


This kid is growing up so fast!
Six months ago, I was about ready to pull my hair out for the fact that this little girl, just didn't want to have any part in growing up...
With love, and some (slash that) A LOT of patience, she is and has made so much big girl progress!

Six months ago she:
wouldn't sleep anywhere but her crib
wouldn't stay in her crib without being tented in
wouldn't poop in the potty
wouldn't get dressed by herself
wouldn't go upstairs by herself

She has her very own BIG Girl bed and sleeps in it every night without wandering all through the house at all hours of the night.

Has conquered her fear of poop! This was a BIG ONE!!! Not only has she conquered her fear she now does it alone, without assistance! Whoo Hoooo

Gets herself dressed every morning, and then several changes through the day. (I try hard not to complain! - about the outfits or the extra laundry)

Now has a new room she feels safer in, and will play up there for quite a while without anyone upstairs with her!


I am SO proud of this girl!
At the beginning of the school year she was so afraid, she wouldn't stay in her class without someone with her.
Today, she went on a class field trip without anyone outside of school.
That's BIG stuff!

She has had a lot of hurdles to jump, but she's making great strides, and I am so proud that she is so brave to make such big changes at such a little age!


She is learning how to listen.
She is learning how to speak more clearly.
She is learning how to be a helper.
She is learning how to be a BIG little sister
She is learning how to paint, draw, and create.
She is learning how to play with other kids, and make friends.
She is learning how to pray, and has taught her family a new favorite in our house.
She now goes to pre-school, and Sunday-school and LOVES her Independence.
She will sit and do a puzzle, and finish it.
She will sit with a stack of books and read each page.


Some of this stuff written out might not seem like a big deal to those of you reading it out there, but it is!
It's a HUGE deal, because, she couldn't do it that long ago, and now she can!

She's growing up...
Right before my eyes.
She has shed her baby days and has embarked on her girlhood days.

I love her.
In every possible way.
She is a light in my life.
A joy. A ray of daily sunshine. A dose of happiness.

This girl has stretched me.
Challenged me.
At moments broken me.
But most of all she has grown my heart to be so much bigger and better than it was before she was in my world!

I am grateful.


Shelley said...

those moments of challenge will appear sweet and be very missed when you look back years from now. I know from experience with my 17 year old. your daughter is just absolutely beautiful !

Shana said...

I feel the same way about my girls, especially Jillian. Everything is harder for her and all those little things that other kids can do with ease but when she masters them it is an amazing feat to watch! Yeah Merritt, you big girl you!