Friday, April 29, 2011


up against the wall

Tomorrow, I'm going to be thirty-one years old... wow. how did that happen? I remember when thirty-one seemed old. I remember my parents turning thirty-somethings, and I thought they were old. Now, thirty-one doesn't seem so old, neither does 41, 51, 61, or even 71 for that matter. I think I've shifted over to the other side!

Last year for some unexplainable reason I was having a very hard time turning thirty. It was in some way totally momentous to me. I think I somehow wanted it to be a big deal to everyone else because it was a super big deal to me... I didn't do very great turning 30.

Even though last years birthday wasn't taken with the most grace, it was a great year... and throughout this year I've decided I really like who i am at 30. It's taken me up to this point to become ALL that I am, and I'm glad for that.

I love things that are aged, have history, a story behind them, why would I of all people have a hard time aging?

I think I was looking at it all wrong.
I was looking at turning thirty as the ending of some things rather than the beginning of new ones.

In ways this year has sucked. I lost my Grandma, and watched her die over several months, I had some pretty major health issues to hurtle, and had surgery at the beginning of the year, I have had some rough patches becoming all that God desires me to be as a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, and a person. Even with all that, there have been a lot of defining, moments along that road. I don't think when I was twenty something i could have handled this year. At thirty I did, and I'm still smiling, and life is good, despite it's ups and downs and bumpy roads in between.

I am looking forward to this next year.
I am learning to love the person God is shaping me into being with his hands.
His Grace is what guides me, it gives me power and strength, and with him by my side I know that I will not be alone as I walk this path of life, and all it's lessons, and all it's beauty it has to teach.

So CHEERS... to thirty one great years, I'm gonna party like it's my BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!! Yippee.


Shelley said...

gorgeous inside and out my sister !! look amazing. cherish each and every day in the Lord. my thirties went by in a blink and now...40 is ushering itself in quickly !

Shana said...

Happy Birthday to you! I think I have switched sides too. I remember telling my parents 35 was like SO old and now with it a few years away is seems so young :)

Myya said...

I hope that you had a wonderful WONDERFUL Birthday!!!

Heart n Soul said...

I hear you on this one.....sometimes I feel like pinching myself because I wonder how on earth I got to be this old!.....I seriously still feel 22. Nice to meet you at faith blogs.