Friday, April 1, 2011

CAUTION... confessions ahead...

Today has been a seriously rough day.
There is no other way to put it.
I feel this overwhelming sea of emotions all hitting.
I feel like I've been doing a heck of a job trying to do everything, but today I just wasn't able to anymore.

I feel overwhelmed.
I feel like I am being a totally grumpy mom.
I am desperately needing some structure, and routine to re-enter our lives.
I am tired of feeling like I'm doing it all.

Yes, I told you... confessions are here!
Of a tired and overworked mother, who's missing her husband.

Do you know how I handle feeling overwhelmed?
I started ripping my house apart...
No, not in an angry way, in a I'm gonna get everything clean, and fresh, and in order sort of way.

By 11:30am curtains were taken down and in the wash, the vacuum was buzzing, furniture was moving and upside down, and dust was definitely flying!

I am really a crazy person.
At the same time, I know when I can get through the mountain of things on my list that I would like to have done, then it will be easier for me to deal with the day to day 'stuff'.

I don't know why, it's just how I am.

My kids were insane today.
Both so crabby, cranky, and tired, that we b a r e l y made it to bedtime.
I wish I was a better mom sometimes.
I wish that my patience were better.
I wish that I wasn't SO eager for it to be nap time, or bedtime like I was today.

I feel like screaming out the window, I NEED A BREAK, do you want to babysit for me?
Would that be bad?

I would give anything for a pedicure.
A little 'ME'time.

Ahh, yes that's what right now is, 'me' time... 9:40 in the pm kids are sleeping, hubs is watching playoff basketball, and I am sitting here BLOGGING, exhausted, and trying to figure out how I could rub my own neck.

I pray that I wake up in the morning with a new spirit.
I pray that God will lend me his Grace as I spend my 5th straight Saturday alone with the kiddos.
I also pray for some sunshine so I can send them outside to play!

Man there is a lot of whining going on here isn't there?
I think I better stop confessing and get some sleep before this gets ugly and you all don't want to come back again! :)

On a brighter note: I'm just going to try and remember that I can do ANYTHING for a season... I just can't do EVERYTHING, so I'm gonna cut myself some slack, and try and go with the flow a little bit better!



Krista said...

Good observations, so true we can do anything just not everything! Hope you get that pedi...even if you have to do that yourself too.

Nelly said...

I get ya girl.Least your house is feeling great hope you are too soon

life chasers said...

so, so common here!!! the encouraging thing is His mercy is new every morning and His grace is sufficient.
keep on keeping on :)

Tamara said...'s the next morning...hope you're feeling refreshed and renewed {and the sun is shining!}. :)

Myya said...

You are a great mom! We moms don't give ourselves enough credit for what we actually load on our shoulders. I've been feeling the stresses lately but at the end of the day the best part is that we get to start anew the next day & make it better. Hang in there friend. :)

Em said...

Aaah the first of your posts I have read and I am already a fan! I love your 'real-ness'. I definitely, positively, certainly have felt like this, on MORE than one occasion! Breathe... and be thankful that his mercies are new each day (and how pleasant to see a new day dawning! Ecc 11:7). xx