Tuesday, April 5, 2011

looking forward...

So first I have to say thank you for listening to me confess, and whine, and have a little pity party in my last post. It was needed. So thanks for the understanding and love. I realize we all feel those same exact things, I guess that's why I feel totally comfortable confessing it all to you!

No lying last week was ROUGH, it was TOUGH, I barely made it through... but alas, I did! Here we are, days later, and the fog has lifted, and my hormone levels have mostly gone back to their normal levels, and I am once again my own, clear thinking self! Yay, hallelujah. Thank goodness each day is new, and that we can leave yesterdays problems behind us.

I convinced my husband to beg to get a few days off, in promise of me taking him to do something lovely and special to celebrate his birthday. So, I am excited that we are going to get four whole days to spend together! I am letting my kids skip school (don't tell anybody) and we are going to spend some good old fashioned family time! I had a trip planned but unfortunately the snow levels made us cancel those plans, so now it's on to plan B... or maybe at this point we're on to plan E or maybe even F. But, no matter how you slice it, we're going to be together.

Do you want to hear the really good news????
I treated myself to a pedi last night! I called, I made the appointment, and I went, and it was great! The best part was that the spa I go to was running a special for $20 dollar pedi's - YIPPIE!

The other good news is, I get to go get a hair cut on Thursday. I haven't had a hair cut since before Christmas... no I'm not kidding. I don't have long hair that is able to go months without a cut either... nope, I have a high maintenance cut that needs tending to! So, thank the LORD on HIGH that I will go get some of this MOP cut down in one more day! - DOUBLE YIPPIE!!!

Here's to looking forward...
to all kinds of happy things ahead!

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