Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a family hike...

Family Hike 2

Last Friday our family decided to get out and enjoy a lovely Spring day at Silver Creek Falls. It was cold up on the mountain. In fact, there was still snow on the ground. The falls were robust, and the sun was shining down. It was a glorious day. There is nothing better than enjoying God's beauty with those that you love!

We enjoyed ourselves so much, that I think we'll all being doing a whole lot more hiking as the weather gets better and better! It's pretty nice to go and do these things now that everyone in the family can walk on their own!!! We hiked about 7.5 miles total that day, yet we still didn't make it to all 10 falls. Someday, I would love to make it around the whole trail!!!


Cherish Stockdale said...

how fun. that looks like such a beautiful day! :)

Myya said...

Awesome! I love this place, it is so easy to be her & just let the beauty of it all distract you from the rest of the world. Such a beautiful escape :)