Friday, April 24, 2009

is this blog dreadfully boring???

Hello out there.... I have a question for whoever is out there reading this... what do you want to read here at Bella's little Rose, or see? Please leave me a comment, you don't have to tell me who you are, you can be anonymous if you like. I am going to give topics and you can answer either by their number or with suggestions of your own. I would like to start posting something everyday (just a personal goal). But, it would give me a good push if I knew what you wanted to read about!

Thanks for the help friends!

  1. pictures of the girls and stuff their doing
  2. decorating & gardening
  3. funny things that happen day to day
  4. quotations & poetry
  5. recipes & cooking
  6. motherhood
  7. remodeling an old house
  8. observations on life
  9. places we like to go
  10. suggestions??? are Welcome!


Sandy said...

Hi Mandy,
Your blog is never boring, I always enjoy it! But I guess the reason I check it is because I love to see the girls growing up. If it wasn't for the blog I would only see them a couple of times a year, now I don't feel like I miss so much! Hope to see you soon,

Cristy and Val said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog Mandy!! In my opinion you can write about anything. We love to see pictures of the family and hear what your up to, but we also enjoying reading about what's on your mind. Cant wait to see you guys! Love you