Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

I told mom yesterday that I feel like I could never do enough to say or tell you how much I care and appreciate you. I would like to take this opportunity today to say thank you. You are my rock in life, you're the glue that holds us all together. You exceed my expectations of what a dad should be, and what a grandpa is. You give us all the best thing in life, and that is your time. You are a very selfless person to give so much of yourself to everyone around you. I don't even want to calculate all of the time you have put into working on my houses over the years, or the time that you have spent at the park with the girls just because it makes us so happy.
I hope you have a very Happy Birthday, I know that Birthdays aren't your favorite, and I know they always get you down... but I hope today you know how special you are to everyone who's in your life.
I have a few favorite memories growing up of my dad...
My dad always worked rotating shifts when we were growing up, and there were times because of the shifts he worked that we wouldn't see him for weeks on end. He would get home when we were asleep, and was back to work by the time we got home from school. During those times, he would surprise me at school to eat lunch with me. He would squeeze his long legs into the small cafeteria benches, eat two school lunches, and make me so proud to show off my dad. It always made me feel so special. He would put me to bed when he was home, and he would bring his guitar into my room, he'd say what kind of song do you want tonight..... I'd think for a bit and come up with some off the wall idea, (like sing me a song about purple spotted frogs daddy)... and he would. There was never anything out of reach. He'd be happy to give you any opportunity if he could. I'm all grown up, but he is still giving me every opportunity. He has never stopped trying to make my dreams come true. He's more amazing and talented than he will ever know.
Some days dad, I wish you could see yourself like others see you. I wish you could know how talented, funny, generous, and selfless you are. I know that I could never do enough to tell you..... but I hope you know, how thankful I am for you. You are an amazing dad, and an amazing papa. My girls are so smitten with you, it's not even funny. If you knew how many times a day I hear about Papa... your ears would be ringing all day long. I hope you know how loved you are, and how special we all think you are!
Have a Happy, Joyous, and Lovely Birthday...
You deserve it, I love you!

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Shawna Powell said...

Reading that made me teary and want to hug my dad. Dads are very special... a very sweet post!