Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Homes Tour 10 years ago...

Ten years ago, when Matt and I were newly married in our little cottage up the street and around the corner from where we live now, we were on the Homes Tour.
A little strange to think we're back here again.
Only we have two kids, and a lot more space, and a way bigger yard, and the whole thing feels like it's on steroids compared to what we did 10 years ago.

It's fun to see these photos again. I haven't seen them or looked at them in a really long time... brings back a million wonderful memories. I can only imagine that when we look back on this Homes Tour experience we will feel the same! 
(Once all the hard work is over - of course!)
A week and a half to go! 
Wish us luck... ready or not, here it comes!


Myya said...

I can't view the pics booo!
I'm so excited for you guys, what an accomplishment & really a great honor!

Shelley said...

super sweet photos !! memories like these are just huge blessings my friend.

Melissa said...

Your garden was so cute!!! I saw the one pic of Emma...she looked so young!!! I'm going to be out of town otherwise I would be one of the first to come and admire your beautiful home that you have now!! Have fun; you deserve a lot of ooos and ahhhs!!!