Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I need to talk... is that okay???

I know that I promised that when I got my new computer that I would be doing so much more blogging, and here we are a week later, and nothing.

Sort of feeling like a total blogger failure. To be truthful I have been so busy every waking hour of the day, that when I do get a chance to stare at the screen of my computer it's usually in the hours I should be sleeping.

Okay, so that is enough excuses for one post, I'll just move on to tell you what's going on...

Kids off school and looking for summertime fun.
Yard Work.
Visiting Relatives.
All really good things.

#1. Work: We made it through Crazy Days (our annual summer sidewalk sale) that is literally CRAZY. Although, it wasn't as crazy this year. I am not sure if we are getting more organized, or if the economy may be a slight factor. Either way it went well, and we lived through it, and the girls had a great time with their babysitter for 3 days straight!

#2. Home: So we are beginning our count down to the homes tour that we are on July 30th... 17 days. Oh boy, there is a lot to do still. Although a lot has gotten done as well. Windows are getting painted and reglazed left and right. Screen doors and doors are getting fixed and painted. Next comes cleaning, cleaning,  and cleaning some more, and making this place look magazine like! :) NO PROBLEM! ;)

#3. Kids off school: Every year I am slightly nervous when school is over, because it's like, oh my gosh what am I going to do to keep these kids happy day and night week after week? Somehow it always works out, and somehow it always surprises me that I LOVE HAVING MY KIDS HOME for the Summer! They really are two of my favorite people. Despite the messes, occasional tantrums, and sisterly fighting, we have so much fun! We have been mostly just hanging out at home. We work in the garden together. There have been art projects, walks, and many trips to the library for books. Next Friday we will be meeting Matt's Mama half way to drop them off with her for 9 days so we can get all of our projects done. It will be nice to have them out of my hair while I get my projects done, but boy I'm gonna miss them. It's going to be WEIRD around here with only us old people and the animals!

#4. Yard Work: Well, we finally got our sprinkler system and irrigation system all in (around late May). Then began the quest to get the grass to grow back over all the trenches, and bald spots, and weeds, etc. All the flower beds are planted, and the four garden boxes are stuffed full of veggies and berries. Trying to keep up with the outside, the inside, and the kids, is keeping me really busy - but, I love it!

#5. Pets: Addiekat our oldest pet, wasn't looking so good about a month ago, in fact we weren't sure if she was going to make it. She had lost tons of weight (we weren't sure why) and was very lethargic. We were pretty much told that at 13 years old we could do testing on her, but there really wasn't a whole lot of point to it... So, we switched her food in a last ditch effort, and it seems to be working! We are so glad. Emma and Lola the doggies are loving laying on the patio in the sunshine daily. Buddy the young cat, is showing to be quite the outdoorsman, he likes to kill birds and mice, then bring us his catch to show off. THANK YOU Buddy! Just want I always wanted a dead bird at my feet! :) At least we won't have rodents!

#6. Friends: We have had a few opportunities to visit and have a few BBQ's with friends this summer which has been a nice break from the to-do lists. Looking forward to MORE of that... SOON. Play dates by the pool wound be good!

#7. Relatives: We had a quick visit from my Brother in June. It's always so good to see him, and the girls adore their Uncle Ansen! He has no kids so he loves to play with them and seems to have never ending patience, which may be why they adore him so much! We also got to visit with my Aunt Lee over the fourth of July. SOOOO good to see her. She hasn't been to Oregon for a visit since Matt and my wedding almost 11 years ago. She hadn't even met my girls before (except for photos) so it was fun to see them get to know one another! My mama was in heaven having her sis-in law around to hang with, and it gave us all a great excuse to have a few BBQ's in her honor. It was a great visit!

All of that = a whole lot of busy go go going and do do doing, but it's all really great! Have to admit, that I am looking forward to homes tour being over so we can do a few other things except for projects, however at the same time, it is so nice having these projects that have been looming over our heads getting done! It's going to be very fun! I am looking forward to sharing all the stuff we've done around here in the last 6 1/2 years!

Well, that about catches you up on all of our happenings...!
Can I ask you something... and please answer or I will feel super lame, what would you like to have me tell you about on here??? Any ideas I need some creative ideas to get me out of my blogging slump!

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