Saturday, February 19, 2011

a happy bathroom project...

We are currently working on our upstairs bathroom. Interestingly, it was the very first room in our house we worked on before we moved in six years ago, and here we are again!


Nothing major, just a bit of sprucing up...
it was a bit tired, and many of the things we started six years ago, we never finished.

Luckily for us we had already replaced the sink and toilet a few years earlier. The tub is fabulous and original (although needing some resurfacing). The room had original chair rail but nothing underneath it, so we added bead board to the lower portion. This will also work as the back splash to the tub. I found this really great frame at an estate sale for $7.50, added a coat of cream spray paint a voila, a gorgeous new mirror for above the sink!


Before we started this project the room was painted in two tones of green. I was so tired of it! I was ready for something fresh, and clean feeling (especially since it's the girls bathroom). So, I did something I have NEVER done before, I painted a room white... two tones of white, but still.... White walls, white bead board, white painted fir floors, white fixtures. I love it, it feels like a great, clean canvas to work with.

Matt just finished up the last coats of paint today, (these pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we started the project) so tomorrow, I can get DECORATING! I'm excited... I will be sure to share the finished project with you soon!

Hope you're having a happy weekend too!


Myya said...

One of mine is in MAJOR need of redoing. Uggghhh!

Shana said...

Love it!