Sunday, February 20, 2011

the finished project!!!


We worked like busy bees this weekend, and it's done!
Now we just wait for the two pictures I ordered from etsy yesterday, and hang them up and we'll be all done!



The all white that I have never done before, worked really well. I actually feel like the room is more interesting, and more fun now, and it's a lot less color!
I added color with little details and touches that make the room feel fun and playful - since it's a room designed for my kids. I want it to be a place where they can feel happy every day!



The girls both love their new bathroom, and I am hoping that it will keep them out of mine! ;) We'll see about that one, won't we!


It's definitely cleaner, more organized, and ready for them to do all the things they need to!

I love being able to check one more thing off my to-do list!


What do you think?
Do you like how it turned out?
Having this happy bathroom finished for my girls has certainly made my life more lovely!

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Lindsey Jo said...

i came over from blessed little nest. your bathroom is super cute! i love your style!

{Amy} said...

i absolutely LOVE this bathroom, every little detail. i have never painted a room just whit but i am getting t=ready to do it in our spare bedroom and i can't wait to see how all of my "stuff" looks in a white room : ) i love that hand towel and that is the cutest bucket ever! sigh...i want to move in! : )

Danielle Farley said...

Oh my goodness, what a lovely bathroom! You did a wonderful job and I will definitely be taking some of these tips and adding them to my home:) Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think matty, might make a pretty good finish carpenter, and painter some day. (how many brushes did he ruin?)

Bella Rose said...

@Lindsay Jo- thanks!
@Amy - the hand towel we made by my great grandma :) it makes me happy too! The bucket a sweet gift from a really sweet friend. I love incorporating special things into my rooms!
@Danielle- glad I could help give you a few tips!
@anonymous- dad you don't have to always be anonymous you could sign in as you! ;) Yes, he is becoming quite handy, and no I don't believe he ruined any brushes! He's growing up!

Mindy Harris said...

wonderful job! i love it all. i saw your comment on joy's hope and had to come straight over to your blog.

Bella Rose said...

Hi Mindy... so glad you came! Your blog is adorable by the way! Hope you come back again to visit me soon! :)

TK said...

oh I really adore your bathroom - all the little sweet touches just make it so special - my bathroom is seriously lacking in drives me nuts...I want to move on in to your house to use this one instead!! TK xx

Shelley said...

very cute i am so jealous. i go back and forth on painting and redocorating the kids washroom. deep breath....I am almost done with Judes new room and I will be posting pictures of that soon. Then on to the playroom/homeschool room and I even was able to turn one room into a prayer closet...i will eventually get all the pics up. thanks again for sharing inside your home and God bless you.