Monday, May 24, 2010

tea party friends...


Welcome to my walk down memory lane, day two!
These are some favorites of Bella, she was a month or two shy of her 3rd B-day here.
I love her toothy smile. She informed me the other day, she no longer has "that smile"... Her big girl teeth don't look like that. I'm glad her baby girl teeth did!


She and Emma have been friends, from the get go! True Blue friends. I'm glad for that! She takes really good care of her doggy. She almost instinctually knows what Emma needs. She lets her out. Plays outside with her. Makes sure she has fresh food and water. Her favorite, (Emma and Bella) is giving her cookies, cause she loves how happy and excited she gets!


I can't believe how big and old Miss Bella is getting. It's fun to look back at when she was little. Stay tuned for more flash backs, and walks down Memory Lane... I'm going to be doing it all week. I know, you are so elated to see old pictures of my kids... bear with me and enjoy! :)

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