Sunday, May 23, 2010

be still a mama's heart...





So, while trying to "go through" my photos to try and decide what I could finally get rid of/delete.... I have come across a bunch of old pictures of my girls (oh boy bear with me!) So, I've decided that this week here at Bella's little Rose we will have a walk down memory lane. SO, we start with these... Newborn Meritt. I cannot look at these three pictures without literally aching inside. There is something so remarkable and sweet about her when she was new and fresh. :) (I told you that you'd have to bear with me...) I am hopelessly sentimental. ESPECIALLY over my babies... PARTICULARLY my youngest, because, well, I think she's the last. My last hurrah at babies. Matt saw me looking at these, and I looked at him and said, "doesn't it make you want another baby when you look at these..." he said "mmmmm not the way I think it makes you want one." I think that was deer in the headlights husband speak for NO NO NO! Okay, Okay, I guess I'll settle for enjoying the pictures, and remembering my precious moments with my baby Rosie!

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