Friday, May 21, 2010

random rants and ramblings...

I am having on of those days... feeling a little sorry for myself I guess. I felt a bit yucky yesterday, today yucky has turned to terrible. Woke up with a 100+ fever. Throat is swollen, head is pounding, body aching. My kids have finally given me all of their illnesses. Feeling like there is no sympathy to be found. Why is it when your the mama, no body takes care of you??? You're still supposed to do it all?

Meritt is taking pretty good care of me though. She's my little buddy. For the most part people think she is a huge handful... but she is so sweet. I love her. So far this morning, she has been happy go lucky as long as she can be my shadow. We got everyone else off to school and work this morning then came home and took a hot bath (she's decided she always needs to be my bath buddy), next we made three packets of organic oatmeal and shared (one bowl - two spoons), now we are all cuddled up in Mama's bed wrapped up in our softies, watching Max and Ruby. I of course am doing important things on the computer like blogging!

For some weird reason, I am looking forward to school being over. I mean really looking forward to it. Most moms dread it, I am longing for it. I am ready, to have both my girls, a bit more of a free schedule, without quite as much routine. I am longing for long, warm, sunny days, filled with berry picking, playing outside, gardening, and lazy afternoons. This rain is awful.

On the note of all this rain we've been having... my basement has now flooded from the back door not being able to hold out all the rain 4 times. It's getting way old. So, is the down pours, flash floods, and wind storms. The weather man said this morning our weather this week has been more like December than May.... you think??? Getting OLD, OLD I tell you OLD! December has come and gone, now we want MAY.

Do you want to hear how my week started? Ahhh yes Monday. Monday, I woke up to Meritt having a 101 fever. (Yes, naively I thought I was done with sick kids) So, nothing got done except for loving my girl. Later that afternoon... while I was trying to get the dishes done, and the sky was dumping out our first flash flood of the week... I hear a huge bang from the basement. Then, Bella screaming out for me. I went running. Meritt was running through the laundry room and slipped on the concrete floor, due to basement flood #1. She must have hit her head hard cause it close to knocked her out. Tried to call Matt, nothing. Tried to call my mom, nothing. Hmmm, what should I do? This isn't emergency room qualifications, but she conked it pretty good. So, I call the Dr.'s office, just to see. Of course they want to see her ASAP. SO, we get bundled up, go out into the POURING rain, get to the Dr. just about in time for her to seem much better. Of course. Mild concussion he said, and sent us home, that will be $$$... thanks! I knew that! Oh, well better safe than sorry, right!

So to sum it up, that's pretty much how my week has rolled. Glad it's Friday. Really glad. I am hoping to take a nap, and get rid of my icky's! Thanks for letting me grumble!

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