Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Love Letter...

About a week before Christmas Matt was helping me do some technical tweaking to my Emma Downtown blog when somehow we came upon the conversation of how he never reads my blog. I was giving him a very hard time, because unless I prod him he never looks at it. It usually really doesn't bother me, but I guess I felt the need to make a point... which is if it's important to me shouldn't you be interested?! So I told him if he ever had a blog I would look at it all the time.

Christmas morning came, and Matt asked me if I wanted to check my email... not really it's Christmas. He said one of your presents is waiting for you on your email, I couldn't get it here in time.... Oh, well when you put it that way, I'll be right on that! I wasn't expecting what I found. The email simply said "and you said it couldn't be done". Click Here

I'll I know is the best things in life can never be bought, and to me gifts and words of the heart will last much longer than anything that can be wrapped in paper and ribbon. Amongst all of the things I will remember from this Christmas with the special times with family, the girls, friends, and laughter, the one I will remember the most is being given the gift of knowing how much my husband cares and appreciates me, still after all these years.

So now, you can keep up on what Matt has to say on his very own blog.... and I said it couldn't be done! I should know better than to ever make a challenge like that, to a guy who can't say no to a challenge!

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Shawna said...

I love Matt's blog, very sweet!