Sunday, December 21, 2008

a fun filled weekend...

After a week of snow, and sick kids, we finally
got well enough to get back to some of our planned holiday events.

After several snow days, finally things melted off...

Thursday marked our annual baking day
we got a little carried away with how many kinds of
cookies we wanted to bake this year... so,
-- Friday we continued on with day
no. 2 of our 'annual baking day'!

We baked, and decorated,
and ate along the way (of course)...
It was really a lot of fun, even if I don't love to bake!

Bella loved helping, and I am so enjoying her age,
she is such a BIG helper!

Meritt, has since discovered she LOVES 'ookies'...

Our friend Kelli stopped by to supervise on the sprinkles!

Then, we bundled up for horse drawn caroling...

Bella loves horses right now, (they are her favorite)
and is really into Christmas carols,
so this sounded right up her alley!

So, we sang, and rode...
We got lucky, and it even snowed
a little while we were on our ride!

Finally Sunday, it was time to wrap...
I've put it off as long as I could,
so today, I organized my stuff, put together a
wrapping station in the basement, and got busy!

Did you know I love being organized?
It makes jobs, even dreaded ones so much more fun!

Each and every gift got wrapped...

Matt thought an action shot would be nice,
(wasn't that so nice of him... grin)
yes, that's me in my jammies, un-bathed, and gross...
don't judge, you know this happens to you too!
OK, judge, maybe I am the only one that
gets so busy wrapping & working,
that I don't get washed up, or brush my teeth
until LATE afternoon...
Oh, well. That's life!

8 or ten hours later... I am done!

It was a fun weekend, all in all!

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