Tuesday, October 28, 2008


About 7:30 yesterday evening the phone rang. I was just getting the girls to bed, and Matt was out playing basketball in his city league team he plays for. On the other line was Lindsay, Matt's buddies wife. The caller ID was Matt's cell phone. I was confused. She said Mandy, it's Lindsay, there's been an accident, it's Matt, we've called 911 you need to get here quick. My heart leaped out of my chest. I called my mom... Bella was standing right there... I didn't mean to panic her, but I was panicked. I told her daddy got hurt, and I had to go. She started to cry. I said, he's going to be fine, I was hoping, because inside, I didn't know if it was a lie. My mom got to the house, I flew out of the house, I'm not even sure how I got to the school, but I did. When I got there I saw lots of flashing lights, two firetrucks, and a ambulance. Luckily Lindsay was waiting outside for me. I would have been there quicker but I had to wait for a train to pass... She took me to the back of the gym where the ambulance was. The door was locked. Could this get any worse? I wanted in. I wanted to see him, and to know what was going on. I felt so many emotions rolling up in me. I was trying to tell myself not to panic, panic doesn't do any good in these situations... We finally got in. There he was laying on a stretcher, strapped down, blood everywhere, neck brace on, and his eyes were glazed over. Oh, lord... please be with him.

The paramedics told me to go to the hospital, and get him checked in. I could do that. I called my mom, she said dad was waiting at the hospital in case I needed someone. I was glad. I was shaking, I still didn't know what was going on. I was just tying to be calm. Lindsay and Justin asked if I needed a ride. I said no, I would be fine. I was just hoping that was the truth. I drove to the hospital behind the ambulance. I still hadn't touched him, told him I was there, I wondered if he was scared. When we got to the hospital I went right to the ambulance, they said you can't be back here, go get him checked in..... WHAT, I want to see my husband. OK, I'll get him checked in... calm I told myself, calm. As I walked up I saw my dad sitting waiting for me. I gave the clerk our information, how ironic that two hours earlier we were just having a discussion on health insurance. I had told him, you just never know when an accident can happen. I'm not sure he was listening. He thinks he's super man, you know.

I got him checked in and finally they let me, and dad back to see him. He was acting really goofy, but he was awake. They said he split his head open pretty good, and that he had a concussion, but that he seemed OK. Thank God! They asked us to step out so they could make sure there wasn't anything wrong with his neck. They also did a cat scan to check his brain activity. All seemed OK they said. They let us back to be with him. There was a lot of blood, and the gash was bad. They put 12 titanium staples into his head, and sent us on our way... with strict instructions to not let him sleep more than four hours, and a whole list of things to watch out for.

As we were walking out he began to shake, I think he was in shock. I was glad dad was there to help me hold him, I'm not sure I could have on my own. We got him into the car... he was shaking bad. I took my sweater off, I put it around him, I put a baby blanket on him, and turned up the heat, everything I could think of. In truth I was scared. I remember doing the same thing when I was in labor both times, I know it's your bodies way of dealing with intense pain... shock. Dad and I got him home, and in bed. We spent a restless night, but he's OK, and he's here, and he's going to be fine, and I'm so thankful!

He's sleeping now, and I think rest will be what he needs most. Please pray that he recovers quickly, and that he continues to do well... I will keep you posted on how he's doing!

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