Monday, October 24, 2011

my fourth and final trip...

 Last Thursday, I had the great pleasure to go on my fourth, an final First Christian Pre-primary, annual pumpkin patch field trip! It was a bittersweet day, because I knew I would never again be a mom to a preschooler, and go on one of these fabulous fall outings!

 First off the kids got to play for a bit on the hay fort...

 Then off to line up wash hands, and get ready for a snack!

 This is Meritt's little friend Elsa. She is 3 days younger than Meritt. (although she was supposed to be a month older ;)) They were in the hospital nursery together - now look at them all big and four!

 I am AMAZED how well the teacher get these 16 spirited little individuals to behave. They lined up nicely for a class photo!

 Of course the kids want to see what the picture looks like!

 Then finally snack time - homemade cider donuts and fresh pressed cider... YUM! I got a snack too!

 Off on the wagon we went to hunt for the perfect pumpkin!

Friends gathered together in the front of the wagon, to ride back to the farm, and say 'see ya later alligator!'
It was the most perfect weather I have ever had on one of these trips... it was great!

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