Thursday, October 6, 2011

floating around my head...

It's pretty late in the afternoon, and I feel spent. It's been a long day. Tears are at the very surface, waiting to pour out at any moment, although I have been doing pretty well today all things considered holding it together. I think! Our sweet Addie-kat had to go to the vet today. I discovered that she had gotten sick all over the basement last night, sometime after I got the girls off to school. I knew with one look at what had happened all over the rug in the night that I no longer could blame age for all her ailments. Off we went, her and I to see what comes next...

We are now waiting... waiting on test results to tell us what to do next. I am pretty sure I know what they are going to tell me, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

She has been a constant in my life, for the last 13 years, and I'm not sure I would know what to do without her around. Matt and I got Addie the month we graduated from high school. My neighbor Bob had a litter of kittens, and told me as a graduation present that I could pick which ever one I wanted. So, I did. Little ball of fluff we brought her home. First to my house (my dad's allergic) parents were less than thrilled. Then she went to live at Matt's house. There she stayed until we got a place of our own. Then she moved with us for a few more years, like nomads on a journey. We added a pug Emma next, then two daughters, then a boy cat named Buddy that she was less than fond of, and then another dog. None of which she was altogether all that found with. I am pretty sure she would have traded being a nomad forever if only she could stay an only child.

As most things do, it's got me thinking. Pondering, really. Does she know how loved she is? Why did I shoo her off my lap last night when I was busy. Why don't I take more time to enjoy what I have when I have it... Why is life so often like that? Why do we appreciate the things/pets/people in our lives far more once we know what it's like to live without them, or at least the thought??? Why are we humans so that way? Why do we not know instinctively to enjoy things more, to slow down, breath deep and savor moments. It could be our last. Or our loved ones last... kind of a sobering thought.

My piece of advice for the day... Live in the moment. Kiss your loved ones.  Enjoy what you have when you have it... it could be gone tomorrow.

Funny how a cat can make you think such deep thoughts huh?
I guess love can do that.
Love comes in many forms... that's for sure!

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Shelley said...

amazing how God will use all sorts of things to slow us down and turn us back to the Cross. I agree. We need to slow down..cherish each moment and love on those around us.
I will keep you in my prayer sister.