Friday, October 14, 2011


There are so many seasons in life aren't there. Some we can't wait to get through, and others we wish we could savor forever. I happen to be in one of those seasons of life as of late that I just want to get through. I am ready to figure out how to get through this rough phase and move forward...

As a mama, I want to delight in my children. Find JOY in them. Enjoy our days.  I want them to look back on their childhoods and remember me as cheerful, gracious, and loving.  Some days I am certain they are going to remember me as an impatient, angry, yelling monster.

Lately this is harder said than done. 
Ever since school started this year, or maybe two weeks before, it seems like life is in total chaos.
One of my kids has dumped over the apple cart of our family, and it affects the entire mood and vibe of our home. I am finding it incredibly hard to stay consistent, and positive.

The dreams I had of motherhood seem like an absolute joke during these times. It seems as if the only volume of my voice that is heard is when it's at a roar. I am tired. I am feeling broken at this moment. Like I am failing somehow and I am totally unsure how to mend things so that this season doesn't last forever. The job of raising children into grown people is tremendous, and I don't want to screw this up. I want to get past this. I need to. We all do.

Here's the truth... I haven't had anything joyful to share with you lately. I apologize. It's a season of life, and I hope it passes quickly. I have had plans to post back to school photos and other happenings, but keeping up with life is all I can muster, and in the quiet moments, all I want is quiet and peace.

Please pray for PEACE in our family. We are struggling right now. We'll be fine, please don't panic, but we could use your prayer to get our kiddo through this phase of life that is making for a hard season of life for our family!


Myya said...

Life had been though around here too. It is amazing how much attitudes & personalities change when schedules change. I'm praying that you guys find the peace again. Hugs to you all.

Shana said...

I totally understand I too have been feeling like a crazy yelling monster. I feel horrible about myself and feel sorry for my girls having to put up with a crazy woman but I just can't seem to shake this monster. I am with you on hoping this passes...and fast!