Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's a home not a house...

Getting ready to put our house on the historical homes tour this summer (the end of July to be exact) is making me feel the pressure for my home to be a perfect house... but it's not because there are 4 people, 2 doggies, and 2 kitties who live their life fully underneath it's roof.

It would be super easy for me to get overwhelmed by making everything perfect for the big day. Instead I keep repeating this sentence over and over to myself as I have those kind of feelings creep in... 'it's a home not a house'.

It's a place where the dogs have scratched claw marks into all the doors.
It's a place where the young cat has eaten his way into all the new screening on the doors.
It's a place where there a smudgy little finger prints on walls and windows.
It's a place where cob webs often live.
It's a place where new grass is struggling to grow.
It's a place where there are weeds in the garden.
It's a place where kids play.
It's a place where food gets spilled.
It's a place where the laundry is never all done.
It's a place where there isn't possibly enough time in a day to get it all done.

it's also a place where...

in this homein our house

So, while I really do want everything to look amazing on show day...
I also never want to lose sight that our house is not just a house, it's a home!


Myya said...

How exciting! So this means I can come tour your house???

Are those sayings really on your wall because they are AWESOME!!! SEEERIOUSLY, when are you gonna come do my house. I think I've asked you a million times :)

Bella Rose said...

Myya, YES, this means you can come tour my house...!!! The tour is July 30th. No, those sayings are not on my walls, just something I found that hit the nail on the head! (so to speak) I would love to help you with your house anytime! Okay, anytime after July 30 ;)

Bella said...

Amazing and so real!!It's beautiful to grow up in a home!!xxx, Bella Vicent