Sunday, June 14, 2009

like trying to eat an.........

ELEPHANT! What is you ask?... My to-do list! You see I'm planning a party, and expecting company any day, so of course I have made a completely unreasonable to-do list. But, I think my elephant is about eaten (so to speak of course) (I haven't actually eaten an elephant) (just in case you were worrying about that being true).

Here I sit on the sofa a little past 9, and I am pooped. Today's to do, was to clean the basement....... this was no easy task... our basement has been a construction zone for well... a long time. I'm not actually going to type how long it's been in progress, cause that just makes us look really kind of slow, & I would hate to hurt your impressions of me and all.

I told my mom today; why does it always take an actual goal of people coming on a certain date to your home to get you to move your booty in the right direction? Why is it that then and only then, when you're faced with such a goal, a date, and a deadline, that is the only time you ever get anything totally completed???

Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? No, just me? What exactly do you think that says about me?

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