Friday, June 26, 2009

Come on in...

Welcome to our house...
Since I started my blog I have intended on
inviting you in for a look see,
but for some reason just haven't gotten to it...
So, today's the day!
I'll warn you now, it's not all that exciting.
So, run now if you like...
or continue on if you dare & you're like me...
someone who kind of likes to snoop...
I mean see other peoples houses.

I'll give you a little back story on our house...
Our house is named the "Woodworth House"
after the family who first owned the home.
It was built in 1933 by a father as a wedding gift
to his daughter, who married Dr. Woodworth.
I have often said you can feel the love
that this house was built with...
and here we are many years later
trying to re-store this home with equal love.

We will be in our house 5 years the end of December.
It was definitely love at first sight,
when we looked at the house!
We were lucky to have a friend who told us about
her friend who was interested in selling,
so we were able to buy the house
before it ever went up for sale!

We really feel this is our
"forever house"...
the place we will raise our kids,
and hopefully live to see our grand kids,
and their kids too!

First, I'll take you through the living room...

Now, I'll take you upstairs
to see the girls domain!

The girls share a room for sleeping,
and have another room for playing!

our family wall....

the stairway...

Next, I'll take you downstairs to
the master bath & bedroom.

We re-did this bathroom a little over
a year ago... it is now one of my favorite
places in my house!

This is why...
my bath,
my heaven!

the place we lay our heads down to sleep...

this is most definitely my sanctuary!

this is the last thing I see before I sleep,
and the first thing I see when I wake...
it says,
to hear the laughter of a child,
to wake up next to the love of your life,
to know that God has placed
these angels on earth for you...
It reminds me when I forget,
and refreshes me when I am tired,
it keeps me grounded every day.

Now, to the dining room.
This is where we eat 95% of our meals.
It is very important to me to sit at a
table as a family and share food!

I am a dish-a-holic!
That and old linens...
I have officially run out of room for any more,
it doesn't slow me down too much!

I am lucky enough to have
my great grandmother's dining room set!

I don't love my chandeliers.
They are original to the house so I have
left them up... but it is inconsideration
to take them down (save them safely)
and put something up that doesn't look
quite so... well.... scary!

Here's my little kitchen.
It's small, but does it's job.
Someday it will get a face lift too!

We did a few things before we moved in to
make it more us... but someday it will
be exactly what we want!

This is our mud porch...
off the side of the house
This is where we come and go from,
most of the time!

Down the hall way & down to the
basement last, but not least...

Here is our most current project,
it has been in project mode for a long
time. I wish I had before pictures, you would
see why! It was a dungeon.
A dirty, dark, yucky place.
It had a huge old furnace that ate up
98% of the basement, a dark room from
the 60's and every project that had
been started and not completed since 1933.
It took 8 truck loads to the dump,
and a garage sell to clean all the junk out!

We will have a full bath,
family room, and large
utility/crafting space
when it's all complete.

We are incredibly lucky to have my dad
that is an incredible craftsmen
and furniture builder/restorer!!!
He built this in the bathroom for storage,
and to hide all of the main plumbing for the house!

This is what has taken the longest,
a brand new stair way, closet, and built in
bookcase. Almost all from recycled lumber
either from this house or other historic tear downs.

This will be our family room, it's set
up for sleepover guests right now...
We've come a long way in 4 and a half years.
Got a ways farther to go, but,
it's most definatly Home!

Hope you had fun snooping,
I mean looking at our home! (grin)
Another day I'll take you to the garden!

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myya saad said...

Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! I too love to snoop err I mean take looks into other people's lives. Many times when I have read your blog I have looked around the pictures & marveled at your home (as well as your adorable lil ladies). What an inspiration to take this lovely old house and take it back to its glory. I love your posts, it is always fun to take a peek :)