Monday, November 10, 2008

guess who's reading?

Bella has been working really hard in the last few weeks on reading. She is in the top reading group in her class, and the whole concept seems to be really clicking for her. So, the other day we took a trip to the library to pick out some books that might be a little easier for her to try and read without help. Low and behold, about two days after, she was reading one of the books start to finish. It wasn't the easiest one in the pile, I guess it was just the one that drew her attention the closest... but none the less, she seems to have gotten the hang of it. Now she is attempting to read everything in sight.... She is a sponge soaking up everything. Isn't this an exciting time?! I don't think there are many better gifts than the gift of the written word, and the ability to read it.

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