Monday, July 28, 2008

qualification for a good day...

What qualifies as a good day to you? Are there just certain things that have to fall into place for you? Or, do you think a good day is measured more by the way that you feel that particular day? Or do you think maybe it's all of the above? Today seems to just be a good day. My heart feels peaceful. It has got me thinking, what makes today such a good day... what about yesterday, what about tomorrow? Why today? Not that yesterday was bad, not that tomorrow will be either... but every once and a while you get a day where the world seems to have no wrong.

Here's what I think makes (today) a good day for me. Things in order... Waking up to something good, not waking up to chaos... Happy kids, a sweet husband, and a kind mother... Sleeping sound baby... A summer day at home with perfectly ideal open window/door weather... A clean house (with baby finger and hand prints on clean windows, that only add to their beauty)... Emails from old friends... Feeling calm... Freshly washed slip covers and sheets... A garden in full bounty... Watching my five year old take her very first swim lesson, and seeing her bravery for something she fears... My Rosie's big toothy grin, and passionately blown kisses... my Ole' pug sleeping in the slice of sunshine from the window... cooking a yummy dinner, and sharing it with family... Jon & Kate plus 8 night... sleeping with the windows open... PRETTY SIMPLE really. What makes you have a wonderful day?

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