Thursday, January 24, 2008

a little bit of snow for the day....

Oh, what excitement this evening. Snow! We aren't sure how long it will last or how much we will get, but it's our first this year, and Bella was elated!!! (OK, me too... I'm a kid at heart, I love snow!) So, in a few hours time we took a snow walk, caught snow flakes on our tongues, jumped in it, ran in it, and Matt and Bella even laid down (in street clothes/banker clothes) and made snow angels. You have to take full advantage of these things who knows if it will still be here tomorrow?! Sorry there are no pictures, but it didn't start snowing till it was just getting dark... We keep our fingers crossed we have more snow on the way, the weather man says Saturday and Sunday. We'll keep you posted!


Jacin said...

If you'd like more, you're welcome to have some of ours.

We got four inches or so nearly two weeks ago, and today is the first day since that the temperatures have been above freezing long enough for it to start to melt off.

I enjoy the snow, too, but the frigid temperatures that come along with it are getting old.

Thankfully, this weekend, it's supposed to be almost 50 degrees. As cold as it's been lately, that'll almost qualify as short-sleeved shirt weather.

BellaRose said...

Maybe I like it becuase with snow around here comes sunshine! We are in low supply of it around here in winter, so it's exciting even if it is cold enough to freezes ones nickers off!