Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Celebration & Vacation!

To Celebrate my mom turning 50 (she'll love me for that), and our anniversary, we rented a cottage at the beach, loaded two cars full, and took off. We had so much fun playing at the beach, relaxing, visiting, shopping, and eating, that we can't wait to do it again next year. What a great excuse for a little get away!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a million reasons why...

I think there are probably a million reasons why I love my husband... like his sense of humor, his calming way, the way his eyes light up when he feels passionate about something, his sense of never giving up, his quiet but strong faith, but amongst the highest of reasons is how he loves his girls. We will be celebrating 7 years married on the 16th, 11 years together in October, and even though things change, tough times come and go, I am still so thankful each and everyday that he is mine! We are in the "child rearing" phase of our lives... not a lot of time to sit and talk, or do all the special things we might have once done for each other, but I know this, through these children and these years our love has only grown stronger.

Happy Anniversary Honey, I love you!
Thank you for being such a loving husband, and being such a hands on devoted dad!!! Every little girl dreams of the day she marries and has babies, and in those dreams she imagines the most wonderful man, and I was actually lucky enough to find mine.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Sweetness of Sleep

I may have forgotten what a full nights sleep is all about, it has been so long since I've slept any long stretch... I think it may be making me go a little crazy. I am the kind of person that craves sleep, requires it to function correctly (as if all people don't). Meritt is now six months old, a husky (as my friend Lila says) 20 lbs, and has yet to sleep through the night, before that I was so pregnant I couldn't sleep ( I am convinced that's God's way of preparing you for what is to come!). Any advice out there at all how to get more sleep with a baby who isn't sure she needs it, would be very much appreciated! My older daughter Bella, slept through the night at like 5 weeks old, so this is a new problem for us. The good news is that Meritt goes to sleep much easier than Bella ever did, and does take pretty good naps... most days! Lack of sleep aside, I try and put it in perspective for myself that this will not last forever (even though sometimes it feels like it will).

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Half a Year Old....

These pictures were taken the day our Meritt turned 6 months, my oh my how time flies! How we have grown to adore her infectious giggles, cuddly nature, sweetness, and love. On one hand it seems impossible that she is out of my tummy, much less already 6 months old, and on the other it seems impossible that we haven't known and loved her all our lives. I'm in love. Lack of sleep, cranky teething, all the bad aside, it's so worth it at the end of the day when she nuzzles close and closes her eyes.... all I feel then is thankful! Healthy, Happy, (mostly) and the love of her daddy and I's life (next to her sister, of course!) What a great half a year it has been.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Miss B's first day of school

Today was the first day of the 2nd year of preschool for Miss Bella... she did great! She had her clothes picked out the night before (even before dinner was ready). She was up and at them this morning, ready for breakfast, and and then anxiously waiting on us to get ready to take her for her first day. Mom, Dad, and baby sis took her on her very important first day. Preschool has been so good for her, she has come out of her shell greatly since she has been in school, and we are so glad for that! I wonder what makes some kids so much more shy than others? So, here we go......... one more year of preschool and then it's off to college. Maybe it just feels that way!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

summer's ending road

Summer is coming to an end. Today it was very apparent as there was a snap of fall in the air, and at bed time, we were getting our now 4 year old ready for her first day of preschool (year 2). It amazes me how big and grown up she gets each and everyday... she's not a baby anymore. Although, I think until the day she is a hundred, she will always be my baby. Summer came and went so much quicker than I wanted it to, but with our new little Meritt Rose, who came into the world this February, there wasn't as much time to do all the summer time things we normally do. People always said time goes quicker once you have children, I just never believed it until it happened. So, tomorrow we are back to school, back to a fall routine, and I meet it with a bitter sweet feeling! Sad that summer is gone, but hopefully anticipating what will come in the year ahead as I watch my girls grow.