Monday, September 10, 2007

The Sweetness of Sleep

I may have forgotten what a full nights sleep is all about, it has been so long since I've slept any long stretch... I think it may be making me go a little crazy. I am the kind of person that craves sleep, requires it to function correctly (as if all people don't). Meritt is now six months old, a husky (as my friend Lila says) 20 lbs, and has yet to sleep through the night, before that I was so pregnant I couldn't sleep ( I am convinced that's God's way of preparing you for what is to come!). Any advice out there at all how to get more sleep with a baby who isn't sure she needs it, would be very much appreciated! My older daughter Bella, slept through the night at like 5 weeks old, so this is a new problem for us. The good news is that Meritt goes to sleep much easier than Bella ever did, and does take pretty good naps... most days! Lack of sleep aside, I try and put it in perspective for myself that this will not last forever (even though sometimes it feels like it will).

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