Thursday, September 6, 2007

summer's ending road

Summer is coming to an end. Today it was very apparent as there was a snap of fall in the air, and at bed time, we were getting our now 4 year old ready for her first day of preschool (year 2). It amazes me how big and grown up she gets each and everyday... she's not a baby anymore. Although, I think until the day she is a hundred, she will always be my baby. Summer came and went so much quicker than I wanted it to, but with our new little Meritt Rose, who came into the world this February, there wasn't as much time to do all the summer time things we normally do. People always said time goes quicker once you have children, I just never believed it until it happened. So, tomorrow we are back to school, back to a fall routine, and I meet it with a bitter sweet feeling! Sad that summer is gone, but hopefully anticipating what will come in the year ahead as I watch my girls grow.

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LilaleaG said...

Hi Mandy....Great pictures and article....I promise I will never say husky again.....chunky maybe but not husky....just kidding.
Bless you, Lila