Thursday, September 13, 2007

a million reasons why...

I think there are probably a million reasons why I love my husband... like his sense of humor, his calming way, the way his eyes light up when he feels passionate about something, his sense of never giving up, his quiet but strong faith, but amongst the highest of reasons is how he loves his girls. We will be celebrating 7 years married on the 16th, 11 years together in October, and even though things change, tough times come and go, I am still so thankful each and everyday that he is mine! We are in the "child rearing" phase of our lives... not a lot of time to sit and talk, or do all the special things we might have once done for each other, but I know this, through these children and these years our love has only grown stronger.

Happy Anniversary Honey, I love you!
Thank you for being such a loving husband, and being such a hands on devoted dad!!! Every little girl dreams of the day she marries and has babies, and in those dreams she imagines the most wonderful man, and I was actually lucky enough to find mine.

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