Wednesday, November 30, 2011

not for the squeamish...

Not only is this what I feel like today, it's what I look like too!
You should have seen the look I got from the preschool teachers today dropping off and picking up Meritt at school.
If I had more energy I would have said, this is what a mom looks like after being up for two nights in a row with the flu going through...

(warning this post is not for the squeamish!)
Thanksgiving night was Meritt.
Night before last was Bella.
Vomit everywhere...
I have a question... why does the flu always hit in the middle of the night?
Why do kids always throw up in their beds?
Awful I tell you.
Like a hurricane of puke hit.
Ah, yes. These are the glamorous moments of life!
Good thing is, the extraordinary love God gives us for our children provides us the strength and fortitude to not only clean up the puke hurricanes, but also hold their hair back while they throw up time after time for 12 hours straight.

If that wasn't glamourous enough... after all of that,
Last night was my turn... luckily, I did not throw up in my bed.
I made it to the porcelain god, thankfully!

So, let's re-cap in the last two weeks: I had a piercing pain in my stomach that ended up being a ruptured ovarian cyst that landed me on bed rest for a few days... then I mustered the energy to put together Thanksgiving dinner for 12. In the middle of the night after Thanksgiving was over and all cleaned up, Meritt awoke to vomit EVERYwhere... she laid on our floor by our bed and vomited all night long. She recovered fairly quickly. We convinced ourselves she must have eaten too much Thanksgiving dinner and dessert, and cleaned up the horror and moved on, praying that it wasn't a virus. Monday night, Bella vomited half asleep & half awake in her bed, got up vomited two more times on the way down to us. Woke us at 1am with vomit dripping from her poor little pathetic shaking body... we put her in the bath, cleaned up the hurricane, made her a bed in the basement, and stayed awake with her cleaning her bowl out every 20 minutes or so while she got sick all night long. By morning, I wasn't sure if I was just exhausted or getting it too, but I made it through the day sanitizing and caring for sick B and bored feeling much better M... by the time Matt got home, I was done. By 8 I was vomiting too, and here we are today... feeling much like that pug eyed face above. Praying that God knows that this is all I can handle for a while.

So, if you feel so inclined, would you pray that this is the end of the sick people in our home?!!!
It's Christmas time. I have a retail store that needs me... and a slew of other things that really need my attention. Please let this be the last day, I look like my pug dog with my hoodie on my head. I can't take anymore!!!

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