Monday, March 1, 2010

playing catch up...

Do you ever get behind? It sort of feels like you are a little hamster on a big wheel that just keeps spinning, but you're not really getting anywhere?! I kind of feel like that. Between being sick last weekend, and Meritt's party... I didn't get much else accomplished last week. I am really behind at work. Got to get on that this week. It's time to make Spring POP at the shop! Time to get lots of those 'things that need to get done' - DONE! I am also super excited because we are getting really close to being able to move into our basement, FINALLY! So, my decorating wheels are spinning! (yep, still kind of like a hamster on a wheel!) So, it's Monday morning, and I am excited with what the week holds. It's my week to get ahead, instead of behind. Won't that feel great! Happy Monday, hope you get ahead too!

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