Sunday, May 3, 2009

if you need us, we're in the potty...

In the last little while Meritt has decided that
there will be no more diapers for Meritt...
Which we are glad for (we think!)
She isn't actually going on the potty successfully just yet,
so we're more in the sit, and sit, and sit, and wait
stage of the game! There have been many tears shed,
lots of books read on the potty, many an accident cleaned up,
and many a song sung to try and distract!

trying to get this one to stay put for longer
than a few seconds is quite a challenge!
So far we've tried...
patty cakes,
story telling,
& lots of sitting
(sometimes holding)
while we wait!

Meritt has declared there will be
for Meritt,
just like ducky...
So, for now
we call her,

Nude-y Buns!!!

If there is anybody out there with good advise
on this subject, I am more than happy to take it!
If you feel like passing it along........


Anonymous said...

Those are some of the cutest pictures I have EVER seen! I love that little girl! Thank you for sharing! You made my whole day better!

Aunt Cristy

Bella Rose said...

I'm glad we could make your day better! We all love you too...