Sunday, March 29, 2009

What we did on Spring Vacation...

We hit the open road for Spring Vacation...
We went "visiting"!
We drove a lot of miles - bought a lot of gas
visited lots of wonderful people we love
and had SO much fun!
Meritt quickly figured out that the
car is a lovely place to take a nap!

The girls were so good!!!
Not one fight, fuss, or whine was heard.
Can you believe that???
This trip was so good, we might just do it again!

The car was piled high - it always feels like
your packing for a year even though it's just a week!

Once we got there, we did something Bella is still talking about...
Grandma "D" (Matt's mom)
took Bella for a horse ride on Tommy.

This really was her BIG day...
she loves horses so much,
I think this was a dream come true!

She did great!

She even let her sister have a turn...
and in true Meritt style,
she had no fear!

She got to learn about saddling the horse,
leading the horse, riding the horse,
and she even got to groom the horse!

Next, Bella got to go fishing ...

She got to spend lots of quality time
this trip with her grandma D,
which will make memories for
her to last for always!

Matt's Nanny (Grandma) lives on a beautiful lake.
What a wonderful place to visit!

Then we were off to visit Matt's sister and Dad
(and family)

The girls were in heaven with the
amount of attention they got!

Matt and his Mama

We went for a visit to San Francisco,
ate seafood, visited the piers, played on the beach
and had a wonderful time!

Bella and Meritt are very lucky to have
the best aunt in the world!

(Getting ready to dig into some crab for lunch!)

Playing on the beach...
Who's having more fun?

We had lots of wonderful family time...

We had an awesome time,
can't wait to visit again soon!

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