Tuesday, March 17, 2009

what I want for my girls...

I was trying to pick a saying that would be written on the kicks of my stairs going up to the girls rooms a few years ago (in fact I think this was before Meritt was even born)... and it took me a long time. I wanted a saying that would inspire them as they walked up and down through childhood years, teenage years, and beyond. I didn't want a quote that summed them up now, or then, or in between, but one that would grow with them. Then, I came upon this quote. I thought it was perfect. It now runs down our stairs in the center of our home, and without knowing it, I think I stumbled upon a quote that almost perfectly sums up what I wish for them. To live without fear of what others might think. To stand up for her own beliefs not others. To live a life of true & pure happiness. To love with her whole heart even though it will inevitably be broken, as all hearts are. But, even after heart break to not give up on love, not settle for what she doesn't want, but to hold out for everything she does.

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