Sunday, August 17, 2008


Tonight we were making dinner in the kitchen, Bella was up on her step stool making her own concoction ("cheese tacos" aka processed cheese slices rolled up with a bug gram in the middle... mmmmmmmmmm) any who, I digress. She says, I'm feeling so discouraged! Do you know what discouraged means? No we say, what? MAD. (grrrrr) (sound effect like a lion). Oh, to be five! Other Bella-isms I have enjoyed lately include, "I'm all done with my drama" & (when her sister woke up in the car on a long ride the other day) "good morning monkey buns" (quite sweetly, I might add!) Oh, I love her. A side note I would like to include, she is rarely done with her drama!

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Anonymous said...

Look at that smile... it melts my heart. Miss you guys
~Aunt Cristy