Monday, November 19, 2007

for this I am thankful...

As we enter this week of giving thanks, I feel truly blessed!
for this I am thankful...
having Jesus in my heart
my Matt
my girls
my family... all of them near and far
having a warm, dry, loving place to call home
being blessed to work with family, and bring my girls with me,
so I can do what I love and still be a mom
good friends
good food
that I am healthy
and my family is healthy
for my energy
for my creativity
for the ability to be a mother
for the desire to wake up each day
and discover something new
for the ability to love, dream, & change
The list is endless, but as we go into this thanksgiving week,
let us be truly thankful...
not just for the food on our plates,
but because we are so richly blessed with
faith, family, love, freedom, and so many other
things we often take for granted!
Have a happy Thanksgiving,
Ours will be small, we will be missing our family that
we can't be with,but thankful we have them in our hearts!

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