Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Traditions...

 (random photos from our Holiday home! - be prepared for picture overload!)

Buddy, our kitty has decided her loves to snooze under the trees...
He's all like, hey thanks for putting this blanket and water bowl here just for me! :-)

 What Christmas would be complete without Charlie Brown and his gang???
Doesn't the Charlie Brown Christmas song just make you smile?

 If you asked my girls their favorite traditions,
they would probably tell you they love our Holiday crafting and present making,
and most of all our annual Christmas cookie baking day!
It is so fun to get them involved in the giving.
I love to see them concerned about the spirit of giving, instead of focusing on what Santa will be
bringing only themselves!

 This is one of my favorite ornaments...
my teapot. I got her when I was 14 from my Mama!
Isn't she sweet?
 No fake trees for this family...
We like to go out and cut our tree(s) - maybe we love it so much because it's just another special tradition?!;-)

Now that the girls are getting a bit older,
this year more than any other, we are really diving into the 
real reason we celebrate, and what it really means!
Don't get me wrong, we have always talked about,
and celebrated Jesus' birth, however, now that the girls are 8 and almost 5,
we can really begin to go deeper!

 another something fun...
Elf on a Shelf
Have you heard about this???
It's really fun!!!

 Every year, since Bella was wee, I have given a tree that the kid's get to decorate.
This year, since we have so many ornaments, due to our ornament exchanging,
and crafting we got a BIG tree for the girls to decorate, all for their very own.
They did such a great job! 
Matt and I put the lights on, and then they went for it!
They did great!
 Lola and Buddy found a place on the tree!
Lola is quite intrigued by this whole Christmas business since it's her very first Christmas with her real family!

Just a few more days to go...
are you soaking up the fun?
It's almost Christmas time!!!
Have fun making memories, traditions mean so much!

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