Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer 2011

Today officially marked our last day of Summer 2011, in our house. It's back to school for Bella bright and early tomorrow morning, and Meritt follows on Thursday. Holy cow summer sure flies by in a hurry... we had a great summer. We got a lot of our projects done. But, we also spent a lot of great quality time doing all sorts of fun family things. In the grand scheme of life, I'm sure that's what we will all remember most when we think back on our summer this year. The lazy evenings at the pool. Watching daddy play softball. Playing at the park. Eating dinner on the patio. Paddle boating on the lake. Our long weekend in Black Butte. Our hike at Cascadia to see the waterfall. Our boat ride on Clear Lake. The week spent with Grammy D and Aunt Christy. Walks with Lola. Painting pictures outside with Mama. Treats at Starbucks when we've behaved.... and ice cream treats just because. It's been fun summer 2011, but it's time for you to go. It's time for back to school, backpacks, homework, chilly nights, sweaters, and playing in the leaves. See you again next year!

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