Monday, January 12, 2009

advise me....

So, here is my issue... where for the girls to play. We have a 3 bedroom house (ours is on the main floor and the two girls are upstairs with a shared bathroom). As of right now we have Bella in the larger room with the big closet and Meritt in the smaller room. Each girl basically only uses their rooms for sleeping, stuff storage, reading, rest times, and occasional playing (when someone will be upstairs with them). Eventually we will have a family room down in our basement, but it is currently under construction. The girls and I are now home during the week much more as I have chosen not to be in the shop quite as much these days and do my work from home. Most of the girls playing is done in our living room, and dining room, which is OK, but not ideal. Down the road I had planned on putting both girls in Bella's room for sleeping and clothes storage; and in Meritt's room would be a play room where we could combine all toys, books, and play stuff in one area. Now that we are home more, I am needing a play area. So, I am thinking about switching the girls earlier than planned. What do you think???

Here are my PROS:
  • A place for the girls to have all of their toys and play freely.
  • Not to have quite as much mess in the main part of the house all of the time.
  • A hope of keeping the toys more organized, so that playing can happen easier, and they can have more fun.
  • An easier transition for sleeping, keeping Meritt in her crib (for now) and adjusting out after they are used to sleeping in the same room.
  • These girls need and deserve a place to PLAY!
Here are my CONS:

  • Are they ready to share their space?
  • How will they sleep?
  • Meritt just started sleeping through the night, will it interrupt it?
  • Will they wake each other up?
  • Will it hurt or help their relationship to share space and stuff in this way?
  • Is Meritt old enough to handle this?

So, as you can see it's sort of play VS sleep. And, I probably won't really know until I try. It could be really bad, or really good... Have any of you wise people out there merged children together before? Or do you currently have kids together in spaces? Or do you just have some wise, witty advise for me? Please help me, and feedback would be appreciated!


Lori Semmel said...

My girls shared a room from the time Danielle was born until we moved here, so she would have been 3. Even though they each had their own bedrooms, they still slept together almost every night here until they were much older. Still as teenagers I would go into their rooms and they would be in one room sleeping. It may be an small adjustment but I think it will be a easy one. I shared a room with my sister the whole time I was growing up and we had a 7 bedroom house and three kids, there was plenty of room for me elsewhere but that is where I wanted to be. I think as sisters there is such a special bond, your girls will love every minute of it. That is my input! Good luck my friend Lori

Shawna said...

Hi Mandy,
I completly understand what you are going through. Eli and Hana shared a bedroom since day one. In the begining I felt guilty for crowding Hana in her room with a new baby and all the "baby stuff". It didn't take me long to realize that I worried for nothing. Hana loved the company, especially at a time when bad dreams and a fear of the dark really started to take shape. As for the noise at night... I have been very blessed to have great sleepers. They have always slept through the other's cries. Since we've moved, in July, they have their own rooms. Eli loves his own room with his big boy bed and all his own toys. But he usually takes his toys to Hana's room and plays in there with her. Bedtime takes a little longer, but I enjoy it more now because it's the one time of day I give individual special time with each kid. Your girls would probably love to share a room, but you know your girls best! The good thing is if it doesn't work out, they can always go back to their original rooms. I did end up refinishing an entertainment center for the living room strictly for the kid's tv, computer & miscellanius books, toys and movies. I also purchased a nice benchseat that seconds as a toy box. (I can send pic if u want)When it's time to clean up the kids just put everything in the bench seat. I do have to sort & reorganize the toys about once a month, but it makes keeping the living room cleaner on a daily basis much easier. Good luck, I'd love to hear how it turns out.


Bella Rose said...

Thank you for the lovely advise ladies! We are in the process of preparing for the BIG MOVE... I think we have decided to at least try it, and if it doesn't work we can always go back to the way things are now! I will be sure to post pictures of the changes and keep everybody posted on how it all goes! I would love to see your pictures of how you have organized your toys Shawna! One of these days we should get our kids together for a play date!

Thanks again for the great advise!

Love, Mandy